Summer 2013        The use of the Sketchbook

                              ( and the influence of Turner )

March 2013           From Watercolour to oil

                             ( a natural progression )


December 2012     Make it a very personal season’s greeting. 

                              Paint your own Christmas card.  

                              A step by step demonstration.

August 2012          Wish you were here.

                              Paint your own holiday postcards.

February 2009        Keeping an open mind

                               In my backyard 

                               Front cover ‘The secret Garden’                                                

                               On finding subject matter.

June 2006               Working with the sun.

                                Painting in landscapes

                                over a period of several days.

April 2006              The Artist at work- Leisure Painter

                                Martin Taylor explains

                                how he produces

                                his atmospheric painting

                               ‘Primroses in Newbottle Wood.

January 2004          Its all in the detail.  

                                How to produce great

                                detail in watercolour.

January 2003          Today's Artists - Leisure Painter.  

                               Martin Taylor talks to Robin Capon

                               about painting on location.

April 2002               Painting Snow (out in the snow )

                                Working in winter

                                The depiction of the winter landscape

May 2002                Comment - Into the White Void. 

                                Beginning a piece of work.

November 1999       Up on Brixworth Hill.  

                                 4 stages of making a painting

April 1999                A Restricted Palette. 

                                 Front cover ‘Daisies’  

                                 12 colours employed

                                 in landscape painting

                                 and why.

November 1998       Down by the Riverside

                                 The Painting of Water.

December 1997        Cold Comforts

                                 Working 'en plein air' )

1996                         Questions and Answers 1996. 

April 1993                Aspects of Landscape

                                  Skies, Trees and Grasses.

                                  Front cover ‘Ditch’